Bumbles...finds her way home! is a delightful book that is perfect for a parent and child to read together! The illustrations are charming and, as the story unfolds, there are many 'teaching opportunities' that include learning geography, introducing new vocabulary, making predictions and promoting memory skills. The sweet telling of the bee's journey home encourages discussion of Bumble's fears and joys, of the importance of being kind, of taking care of one another and of growing from one's new experiences. Parents and children alike will take pleasure in sharing such a positive and uplifting story.

~ Jill Stamm, Ph.D., Faculty, Arizona State University, and Author of Bright from the Start: The Simple, Science-Backed Way to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind from Birth to Age 3.

This is a fantastic book! Whether you're a parent reading to young kids, a child learning to read, or a teacher looking for inspirational material, Bumbles…finds her way home! will serve you well. I also love that by purchasing this book, you made a difference in a developing country. This is a perfect example of sustainable and leveraged philanthropy. Bumbles is not just a children's story, it's an example of global action. My kids love it and we look forward to the next book in the Bumbles series!

~ Peter H. Diamandis, MD, Chairman/CEO, XPRIZE Foundation, Co-founder/Exec-Chairman of Singularity University, and the co-author of New York Times bestseller Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think.

"Bumbles…finds her way home! goes right into the hearts of readers. The amazing adventure starts when Bumbles finds herself far from her tiny African village. She is lost but never gives up. Life for Bumbles is all about being happy and trusting in family and friends to find her way home."

~ Andrea Buonassisi, Extraordinary mother, aunt and philanthropist

"This book is great for bedtime reading. My boys really like hearing about Bumbles adventures to places near and far. My youngest became more curious about the world, while my oldest was happy to try and read along. Well written and illustrated, it earns its place in the rotation of books on my children's shelf."

~ Andy James, Devoted father of two

"Tripp loves Bumbles. He especially likes the storm and Bumbles in the dark pics. Great job with the book! He had me read it to him 3 times today and made his momma take it home with him."

~ Tina McDougall, Auntie Extraordinaire

"I love the book. My son Cayden read it 3 times. He's 13. It's not just for little kids, which is so awesome. I think what you are doing is truly amazing."

~ Kristen Salcito Sandquist, Co-Founder, K2 Adventures Foundation

"Thank you Lori and Frances, for my signed book! It's a hit. Fabulous read."

~Sabrina Desjardins, Mom of Princess Lillie

"This is a great story with beautiful illustrations. My children are inspired by the places Bumbles gets to travel. This has become our 'go-to' book for bedtime reading."

~ Cathy Matysiak, Avid reader and mother of two

"Keira read your book again and again last night and said, 'This book is so good! When is the next one going to come out?' Seriously she must have read it 10 times."

~ Suzann Francone, Educator (K-8), mother and aunt

"The kids were reading Bumbles as we drove home from a party. We got home, but they stayed in the car in the dark garage because they just HAD to see what happened to Bumbles. Now that’s a successful kid’s story!"

~ Chris Haver, Adventurer and kid at heart